Join the Committee

The Chattanooga Tono Friendship Committee is a new organization established in 2015 to deepen ties between the cities of Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA and Tono, Iwate, Japan. Volunteers are at the heart and core of all initiatives.

We seek interested volunteers who share our goal of deepening Chattanooga-Tono relations and can help us in the following activities:

  • Plan and execute events
  • Facilitate exchanges of students and citizens
  • Plan and execute joint activities in culture, business, tourism, and other areas

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Chattanooga Tono Friendship Committee, please contact us to apply to become a member.


We are a volunteer organization that uses donations to maintain and create more opportunities to build stronger Chattanooga-Tono relations.

The mission of the Chattanooga Tono Friendship Committee is simple: encourage cultural, business, and other exchanges, motivate citizens in both cities to get involved, and build & improve upon existing initiatives. Donations are utilized strategically to ensure our organization has the resources to work to the maximum benefit of Chattanooga and Tono’s citizens.

Please contact us to learn more about ways to give to Chattanooga Tono Friendship.